In addition to all the elements mentioned for a comprehensive eye examination, a contact lens evaluation and fitting include the following:


Discuss Your Visual Needs & Goals for Contact Lens Wear

Measurement of the curvature of your eye, pupil size and aperture size

Assessment of the health of your eyes for contact lens wear


Evaluation of the lens Fit and  your physiological response to the contact lens material

Assessment of how well you see with the lenses and fine tune your final contact lens Rx

Advice on how to maintain successful contact lens wear and achieve optimal vision

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

At the UNF Eye Center, we had most major contact lenses in stock for serve your needs. Your contact lens fitting and evaluation include the following


Assessment of your visual needs and review previous contact lens experience  

  • Discuss your visual needs, and your goals of contact lens wear

  • Discuss your options based on your prescription, past CL experience and ocular health


Clinical Assessment:

  • Measurement of the curvature of your cornea

  • Evaluation of your eye aperture size, conjunctiva, and corneal health

  • Assessment of your tear volume, tear flow and tear quality

  • Biomicroscopic evaluation of the proper lens fit and movement

  • Biomicroscopic evaluation of your ocular tissue response to the contact lens material

  • Assessment of how well you see with the contact lenses

  • Optimize your final contact lens prescription based on the lens fit


Contact Lens Education:

  • Instruction on proper cleaning, storage and disposal of contact lenses

  • Precaution on the use of contact lenses for sports and swimming

  • Instruction on the proper application and removal of contact lenses

  • Advice on the proper use of contact lenses and be a successful contact lens wearer without complication