Comprehensive Vision and Eye Health Exam

Your Digital Eye Exam Experience

At UNF Eye Center, you will experience the latest technology for a brand new digital eye exam experience...

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MARCO OPD output.jpg

Digital measurement of your current glasses prescription

Wavefront Technology to evaluate the optimal glasses prescription in different lighting conditions

Determination of your prescription based on your feedback and discussion with the doctor 

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Testing Your Peripheral Vision with computerized machine

Microscopic Examination of the front of your eye

Digital Photography & Evaluation of your Retina

At UNF Eye Center, our comprehensive vision and eye health examination include, but is not limited to:

  • Your medical and eye history, including your ocular and general health, and medication usage

  • Your family medical and eye health history 

  • Your visual demand based on your job, hobbies and things you want to do 

  • Measurement of how well you see with or without glasses

  • Assessment of your eye muscle focusing ability, how they worked together, based on your signs and symptoms, and visual demand

  • Determination of your optimal eye glasses prescription for day time (and night time, if needed)

  • Your eye health assessment, including evaluation of the front and back of the eye, measurement of your eye pressure, visual field testing, and the retina

  • Recommendation on solution to achieve optimal vision and eye health so you can see and perform at your best