Direct Care Fees vs. Vision Plan 

We are a direct care practice. This means we provide direct care to our customers without regard to their vision plan network status. We will provide the same high quality care to everyone.

Here is the reasons why we move to direct care model: 

  • Vision plan putting increasing restriction and mandate on certain brands, products and vendors  that doctors must use without regard to patients need

  • Vision plan demanding doctors to use lower quality and out dated technology to maximize their profits, as well as lowering service reimbursement to practices

  • Eye care practices need to stay in the game by raising their prices on products and services and seeing as many patients as possible in order to survive

  • Our doctors decided we should never compromise the level of our care with old outdated technology or limit your choice in eye wear brands selections. We believe in providing services and prescribing products that you need, not what the insurance wants. 

  • You can still use your medical plan for diabetes eye exam, dry eye evaluation, and other medical related eye care visits. Many medical plans will cover routine exam if you do not have a vision plan. Check with your insurance provider. 

Additional advantages to our customers: 



We are able to provide more flexible care to anyone  without restriction. We can provide eye care services that you need without having to separate medical visit vs. vision plan visit.  

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You know how much it will be before you spend. 



With lower admin cost, we can offer lower pricing on our products and services. This means you pay less for high quality products 



Use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) for exams and prescription lenses. You are saving because you are spending pre-tax dollars instead of after-tax


We will provide you with proper paperwork and receipts to submit to the insurance company directly for your reimbursement to get your money back.

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See an example of our fees compared to typical eye care practice that take vision plan. See how our direct care model is a better value for how you spend your money.