Frequently asked questions

What does a comprehensive eye examination include?

A comprehensive adult eye and vision examination should include, but is not limited to:

  • You, your family, and social history, including visual, ocular and general health, medication usage, and your visual requirements based on your occupation or visual task
  • Measurement of how well you see
  • Preliminary examination regarding aspects of visual function and ocular health
  • Determine your optimal eye glasses prescription
  • Assessment of your eye muscle focusing ability, how they worked together, based on your visual signs and symptoms, and visual requirements
  • Your eye health assessment, including evaluation of the front and back of the eye, measurement of your eye pressure, visual field testing, and retina
  • Systemic health assessment, as indicated

What does contact lens evaluation and fitting include?

In addition to all the elements mentioned above for a comprehensive eye examination, a contact lens evaluation and fitting include the following: Your visual needs and eye health history

  • Discuss your visual needs, goals of contact lens wear
  • Discuss your options based on your prescription and ocular health
Clinical Assessment:
  • Measurement on the curvature of your cornea
  • Evaluation of your eye aperture size, conjunctiva, and corneal health
  • Assessment of your tear volume, tear flow and tear quality
  • Biomicroscopic evaluation of the proper lens fit and movement
  • Biomicroscopic evaluation of your ocular tissue response to the contact lens material
  • Conversion from glasses prescription to contact lens prescription
  • Assessment of how well you see with the contact lenses
  • Optimize your final contact lens prescription based on the lens fit
Contact Lens Education:
  • Instruction on proper cleaning, storage and disposal of contact lenses
  • Precaution on the use of contact lenses for sports and swimming
  • Instruction on the proper application and removal of contact lenses
  • Advice on the proper use of contact lenses and be a sucessful contact lens wearer without complication

Why should I get contact lenses from the UNF Eye Center?

  1. You get the exact brand that your doctor prescribed for you
  2. Fast next day delivery to your home or pick up on campus (minimum order maybe required)
  3. Free contact lens case and solution with each order
  4. Free replacement trials if you run out until your next order arrives. We stock most of the contact lenses that we prescribe.
  5. Return on un-opened, un-marked contact lens boxes should your prescription change after contact lens exam.
  6. Discount on non-prescription sunglasses
  7. Free shipping on most contact lens orders
  8. Our prices are competitive to major online retailer, large optical chains, and major discount optical stores. We monitor our prices regularly.

Why should I get glasses from the UNF Eye Center?

  1. Lenses come in many different types of materials and designs. Your doctor recommends specific lens material and designs based on your prescription, symptoms and vision needs. We have full visibility to make sure you get what is prescribed.
  2. Your glasses are custom made for you based on personalized measurement taken from our friendly staff. We take measurement with your selected frame to ensure accurate placement of your lenses.
  3. Our Expert Staff will help you pick the best frame that fits you, make you look and see best in your new glasses.
  4. Wide selection to fit every budget. We carried wide selection of frames that suits every budget. From designer brands to unique european brands.
  5. Fast Service - We have on-site lab to cut most lenses in house without having to ship your frame and lenses to an external lab for processing. This means you will get your new glasses quickly!
  6. Guaranteed accuracy! When your new prescription lenses arrive, we will verify the accuracy of your prescription according to our high standards. If it doesn't meet our standards, we send back to the lab and make sure it is right before you come in!
  7. 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee - If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your new glasses, we will fix it or refund your purchase.
  8. Warranty - All new glasses purchased from the UNF Eye Center include a 1-year warranty. Adjustment and repairs are always free.
  9. Support local business and your school - We are independent local business that collaborate with the University to provide convenient service to the campus and local community. Part of our proceeds go back to University. We would love your support!

What is the difference between medical insurance and vision plan?

If you have medical related eye condition such as, red eye, pink eye or eye related issue, you can use your medical insurance plan to see an eye doctor. In addition, if you have diabetes or take certain medication that may affect your eye sight, you can use your medical insurance plan to see an eye doctor. On the other hand, your vision plan is not a medical plan. It is used to help covering part of your eye wear cost, such as glasses, contact lenses, or prescription sunglasses etc.